Shareable Ink Nursing Notes

The Clinical Documentation Solution that Works Wherever Nurses Work

Nurses treat patients in many different environments – from inpatient units, to outpatient clinics, to nursing homes and patient homes. Common among all of these environments is the need to promptly and accurately document the patient visit.

Electronic health record systems are used in many healthcare settings, yet many nursing workflows do not adapt well to typing into an EHR. Whether it’s bedside documentation with the challenge of bringing a computer into the room or visiting patients in their home with the expense of equipping nurses with laptops, pen and paper is often the easiest way to document.

Now, the ease of pen and paper is combined with the value of electronic data. Shareable Ink allows nurses to document exactly as they always have done on familiar paper forms, while simultaneously converting the handwritten information into digital, actionable data that can integrate with other back-end databases.

Business rules built into the system also provide automated, immediate feedback to the nurse for missing data, ensuring improved documentation compliance.

The results are compelling: fast, easy and accurate documentation with the benefits of automation, including reporting and clinical feedback.

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